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SSPXSociety of Saint Pius X (international priestly society)
SSPXSustained Spheromak Physics Experiment (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)
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47) Dupont and World Trends in tandem with the Latin Mass Society of Australia, became more closely aligned with Lefebvre and SSPX, with Dupont acting as a translator, promoter, and donation collection point for Lefebvre's early international appeals on behalf of his embattled group and what the French Bishops had called its "wildcat seminary" at Econe in Switzerland.
In 1988, against the wishes of then-Pope John Paul II, Williamson was consecrated in Switzerland as a bishop in SSPX by its founder, archbishop Marcel Lefebvre.
However, some Church experts believe that the reinstatement of the leadership of SSPX is simply the Pope's attempt to repair schisms to create a more united Church.
Apparently the SSPX priest exploited a "lack of vigilance in the basilica's sacristy," where hundreds of priests turn up each day to celebrate Mass at the basilica's many side altars.
Further, though I definitely do not agree with the SSPX in some respects, I often come to their defense because I have a love for the traditional Latin Mass, and I also feel the faithful who attend their chapels have been unfairly ostracized.
Four experiments will participate: the MST reversed field pinch (Wisconsin), the Magnetic Reconnection Experiment (Princeton), the Swarthmore Spheromak Experiment, and the SSPX spheromak (Livermore).
He was subsequently removed as rector of an Argentine SSPX seminary, then asked to leave the country.
Overview of Recent Results from the SSPX Spheromak Experiment (David Hill)
How to interpret the Council will be the main subject of the Vatican's discussions with the SSPX which began in Rome on October 26.
The SSPX also rejects Vatican II's declaration Dignitatis Humanae, which defines religious freedom as a human right, and teachings found in the Constitution on the Church (Lumen Gentium) and the Declaration on the Relationship of the Church with Non-Christian Religions (Nostra Aerate), which affirm God's covenant with the Jewish people and reject the belief that the Jews as a people bear guilt for Jesus' death.
In January, 2009, Pope Benedict lifted the excommunication of the four bishops of the SSPX (Society of St.
So where does that leave the clergy, religious, and faithful, all of whom are part of the SSPX, headed by these same bishops?