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The introduction of the microbiological properties increased the sensitivity of the index compared with SSQI B, which considered only the biochemical properties.
Correlation coefficients of SQls with varimax-rotated scores of PC 1 obtained from all significant data were 0.94 for SSQI A and CSQI A, 0.92 and 0.93 for SSQI B and CSQI B respectively, 0.88 for MSQI 1, and 0.76 for MSQI 2.
Only the SQIs that included a physical indicator (MWD 1) were sensitive to differentiation by time under production (SSQI B and CSQ1 B).
The SSQ1 A was more efficient in separating by management system, whereas SSQI B was able to differentiate according to number of years under production.
c) semistrictly quasiconvex (SSQX) [??] strictly quasiinvex (SSQI).
([q.sub.3]) f is (SSQI) [??] -f is (SSQIV) at the point u.
(3e") [for all]x [member of] A, x [not equal to] u, [for all][lambda] [member of] (0,1): f(x) < f(u) [??] f(u + [lambda][eta](x, u)) < f(u), then f is called semistrictly quasiinvex (SSQI') at u.
The CSQI A was integrated by the same indicators as SSQI A.
Correlation coefficients of soil quality indices with varimax rotated scores of PC 1 obtained from all significant data were 0.97 (for SSQI A and CSQI A), 0.98 (for SSQI B, CSQI B, and MSQI 1), and 0.99 (for MSQI 2).
Soil properties and indexing procedures SQI, Soil quality index; A, All properties are considered together in the principal components analysis (PCA); B, groups of properties considered separately in the PCA; Biological properties: biochemical soil properties and microbiological soil properties; Resp, Basal soil respiration; MBC, microbial biomass carbon; E, functional evenness Quality index Properties Procedure Simple SQI A Physical A (SSQI A) Chemical Biochemical Simple SQI B Physical B (SSQI B) Chemical Biochemical Complex SQI A Physical A (CSQI A) Chemical Biological Complex SQI B Physical B (CSQI B) Chemical Biological Microbiological SQI I Biological B (MSQI 1) Microbiological SQI 2 MBC Expert variables (MSQI 2) Resp selection E Table 2.