SSRASocial Security Retirement Age
SSRAShadow Strategic Rail Authority (UK)
SSRASwedish Street Rod Association
SSRASpokane Ski Racing Association (Washington)
SSRASpecial Selected Restricted Availability
SSRASwiss Slot Racing Association
SSRASingapore Squash Rackets Association
SSRASystem Safety Risk Assessment
SSRAScottish Smallbore Rifle Association
SSRASupervisory Senior Resident Agent (FBI)
SSRASeattle Squash Racquets Association
SSRASubmarine Search and Rescue Authority
SSRASocietas Studiosorum Reformatorum Amstelodamensis
SSRASuper Sucker Ram Air (automotive cold air induction kit)
SSRASpectrum Supportability Risk Assessment (US DoD)
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HM363764) with 7 additional genetic loci (ftsZ, nuoG, ribC, rpoB, ssrA, 16S rRNA, and ITS) further confirmed the uniqueness of this strain.
"With Riek Machar having unjustifiably refused to sign a final peace agreement, SSRA forces have no option left except to engage opposition forces in active combat operations in order to liberate Greater Akobo (Lou-Nuer) with a view of stopping it from being used as launching pad against the national army," he wrote on his Facebook page on Sunday.
In this paper, a multiobjective GA [18] was coupled to SSRA to optimize the system parameters for multiple optimization objectives (i.e., S/N and peak shape) and multiple chromatographic peaks, where single-well potential was adopted to simplify the theoretical formalism of the algorithm.
Chris Partridge, project officer from Keep Wales Tidy, said: "Keep Wales Tidy brought the technical expertise, materials and tools, while Debbie Gray from SSRA organised all the different volunteers and school children who all grafted so hard and thus have an amazing sense of pride and ownership of this native plant pond and wetland area."
These articles present perspectives from a deployed division level human terrain analysis team in Iraq; application of the geo-statistical forecasting model to SSRA survey data; the correlation of universal drivers of human conflict with the counterinsurgency strategy, and language and communication strategies when gathering and interpreting data in a multilingual society.
According to the SSRA, the Moldovan Orthodox Church (MOC), affiliated with the Russian Orthodox Church, has 1,255 parishes; the Bessarabian Orthodox Church (BOC), affiliated with the Romanian Orthodox Church, has 219 parishes; and the Old Rite Russian Orthodox Church (Old Believers) has 15 parishes.
The SSRA was formed in June at a general referees' meeting at St Andrews in Fife.
The Subchapter S Revision Act of 1982 (SSRA) revised the rules so that a mere difference in voting rights would not create a second class of stock.
"Much work needs to be done to establish the precise nature, route and feasibility of such a project, but the technology is there and the demand is growing," said SSRA chief executive Mike Grant.
The UK Accounting Practices Board (APB) also issued a Statement of Standard for Reporting Accountants (SSRA) on Audit Exemption Reports (AER) in October 1994, which was effective for all reports signed on or after 21 December 1994.
A number of train companies were talking to the SSRA to see if they could be 'let off' penalty payments for poor performance.
Meanwhile, a number of train companies were talking to the SSRA to see if they could be 'let off' penalty payments for poor performance.