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SSRCSocial Science Research Council
SSRCSynchronization Source (telephony, real-time control protocol)
SSRCStructural Stability Research Council
SSRCSpace and Science Research Center (Orlando, FL)
SSRCSiberian Synchrotron Radiation Centre
SSRCShip Stability Research Centre
SSRCSevere Storms Research Center (Georgia Tech Research Institute)
SSRCSociety for Protective Coatings (Pittsburg, PA)
SSRCSpeech Science Research Centre (UK)
SSRCSustainable Systems Research Center
SSRCScientific Studies and Research Centre (Damascus, Syria)
SSRCSpace Systems Research Center (US Air Force Academy)
SSRCScripps Survey Research Center
SSRCStandard Software Requirements Contract
SSRCSoftware Sampling Rate Conversion
SSRCShip's Support Requirement Code (X-RIC)
SSRCSurface Science Research Centre (University of Liverpool; UK)
SSRCSync Service and Reply Circuit (AT&T)
SSRCSavannah Spill Response Corporation (Savannah, GA)
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The director for SSRC in David Gai said distribution targeted the most vulnerable 750 families in Bor town, and would soon be scaled up to cover 650 more families.
In this regard, transit cars settle at railway stations and surrounding areas of "Uzbekistan Railways" SSRC landfill," the report said.
SSRC works for the President's office and reports to him," Riedel said.
Social Science Research Council (1968) Research on Poverty: An SSRC Review of Current Research, London, SSRC.
Mohammed Ibrahim Khalil, his Deputy, Secretary of the SSRC and representatives of regional and international organizations that participated in the referendum process
Madut said the SSRC would wind up its training process before January 6 and start financial training for its staff before the auditing of its finances.
SSRC is an important, influential institution and they will be a great addition to our complex.
With respect to our dependent variable for Research Question 3, the existing SSRC survey contained an item that assesses motorists' support for lower speed limit for trucks than passenger vehicles (LIMIT).
Under the editorship of Ronald Ziemian and written by SSRC task group members who are leading experts in structural stability theory and research, this Sixth Edition brings this foundational work in line with current practice and research.
While opening the three-day training workshop at the fire brigade headquarters in the capital, Wau, on Wednesday, SSRC's acting programme director for the state, Deng Mariano, said the SSRC had been providing support for basic skills training of South Sudan's organised forces.
Alabama Power has expressed an interest in working closely with the SSRC to integrate solar power into its energy generation mix.
The Intensive Outpatient Program at SSRC utilizes a variety of modalities in the new curriculum including individual sessions, education groups, relapse prevention therapy, trigger identification.