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SSRCSocial Science Research Council
SSRCSynchronization Source (telephony, real-time control protocol)
SSRCSynchronization Source
SSRCSocial Science Research Committee (UK)
SSRCStructural Stability Research Council
SSRCSpace and Science Research Center (Orlando, FL)
SSRCSiberian Synchrotron Radiation Centre
SSRCShip Stability Research Centre
SSRCSocial Sciences Resource Center (Stanford University; California)
SSRCSevere Storms Research Center (Georgia Tech Research Institute)
SSRCSociety for Protective Coatings (Pittsburg, PA)
SSRCSpeech Science Research Centre (UK)
SSRCSustainable Systems Research Center
SSRCScientific Studies and Research Centre (Damascus, Syria)
SSRCSpace Systems Research Center (US Air Force Academy)
SSRCStandard Software Requirements Contract
SSRCScripps Survey Research Center
SSRCSoftware Sampling Rate Conversion
SSRCShip's Support Requirement Code (X-RIC)
SSRCSurface Science Research Centre (University of Liverpool; UK)
SSRCSync Service and Reply Circuit (AT&T)
SSRCSavannah Spill Response Corporation (Savannah, GA)
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The acts of public respondents and private respondent Salazar were concerted and aimed at the common objective of facilitating SSRC, BIRKS and MLI to corner most of the QSP (quotations for small purchases) despite their ineligibility, thus, establishing conspiracy," said Morales.
In this regard, transit cars settle at railway stations and surrounding areas of "Uzbekistan Railways" SSRC landfill," the report said.
Social Science Research Council (1968) Research on Poverty: An SSRC Review of Current Research, London, SSRC.
Mohammed Ibrahim Khalil, his Deputy, Secretary of the SSRC and representatives of regional and international organizations that participated in the referendum process
Madut said the SSRC would wind up its training process before January 6 and start financial training for its staff before the auditing of its finances.
SSRC is relocating its headquarters--and its more than 80 employees--from Manhattan to Brooklyn.
But sources close to the SSRC have confirmed strong evidence has emerged showing the timers were available "all over the place".
During his tenure at SSRC, the institution increased its visibility as a bridge-builder among universities, foundations, and government, and among researchers, practitioners, and policymakers.
Mr Plaskitt, who uses the Chiltern Trains service, wrote to the SSRC earlier this year to recommend that Chiltern be awarded the franchise.
The SSRC had also sponsored special inquiries that focused on problems of public administration, including the 1929 Committee on Social Trends (which had produced Leonard White's [1933] Trends in public administration) and the 1933 Commission of Inquiry on Public Service Personnel, chaired by Luther Gulick.
SSRC and others successfully argued during Commission hearings that the forecasted demand for electricity in San Diego does not warrant construction of the 31-mile Valley-Rainbow Power Line proposed by SDG&E to import power into San Diego through Southwest Riverside County.
It also emerged from the report that the Central Bank of Cyprus appeared to have suspected a link between Tredwell and Assad's SSRC by August 2014.