SSRHSouth Shore Regional Hospital (Bridgewater, Nova Scotia, Canada)
SSRHSehgal School of Revolutionized Homoeopathy (India; est. 1983)
SSRHSus Scrofa Radiation Hybrid (biochemical genetics)
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SSRH panel (Womack et al., 1997) analysis showed that the most significantly linked markers were S0214 (LOD score 20.98) and SW1996 (LOD score 17.78) on SSC4 (Table 4).
We would also like to thank Noriyuki Hamasima, a senior researcher of the Animal Genome Program Analysis Team of the National Institute of Agrobiological Sciences, Japan for supplying the SSRH panel DNA.
Council's proposal to lump the social sciences and the humanities in with the physical sciences when considering future research support; the Social Sciences Research Council (SSRH) and the Humanities Research Council (HRC) joined in voicing their dismay at having their disciplines evaluated by a group which was not primarily concerned with cultural matters.
Men's studies in Nigeria and elsewhere in Third World countries have shown that men need to participate in sexual and reproductive health programs (Ezeh, 1993; Feyisetan, Oyediran, & Ishola, 1998; SSRH, 1999; United Nations Population Fund/UNFPA, 2001).