SSRQSix Sigma Retailing Quotient
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A new factor analysis of the SSRQ (18 items) showed a factor loading different from the initial one: the items loaded in four factors that explained 53.84% of the total variance, and item 3 loaded below .40.
Internal structure of the SSRQ with a Spanish sample
The single dimension model (SSRQ, 31 items) also showed poor fit.
Results in Table 3 showed nonsignificant differences on three levels of management in relation to SSRQ and GDMSQ.
The SSRQ measures self regulation with the help of following two dimensions i.e., Impulse Control (11 items) and Goal Setting (10 items).
Reliability of SSRQ was found to be .70, whereas the subscales of GDMSQ that is Rational (.83), Intuitive (.77), Dependant (.59), Avoidant (.62), and Spontaneous (.63) were also found adequately reliable.