SSRRStrict Source and Record Route
SSRRSafety, Security, and Rescue Robotics (IEEE international workshop)
SSRRShip Station Radio Regulations
SSRRSafeguards and Security Readiness Review
SSRRSoftware System Requirements Review
SSRRsequential self-repetitive reaction
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Ngoboko Pre-Primary is one of 30 model schools where the SSRR programme is being implemented, preparing 2,520 children between the ages of three and six years for a formal school environment.
The source routing in SlickFlow is SSRR. The path discovery is an "all routes" based solution which is not optimized in large-scale networks.
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This study employs five categorical variables for income sources: earned income from wages and salaries, annuity or pension income, Social Security Railroad Retirement (SSRR) income, asset income, and transfer income (e.g., worker's compensation, veterans' payments, unemployment compensation, supplemental security income, annual value of food stamps, or income from public assistance or welfare).
The utility of RFLP, RAPD, AFLP and SSRR (microsatellite) markers for germplasm analysis.
SSRR could only be calculated in four patients who had had an episode of dehydration which was preceded by an episode of euvolaemia.
Data for sand surface layers were selected from Soil Science Research Report (SSRR) 74-1 (Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences, University of Florida, 1974).
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