SSRTSymantec Security Response Team
SSRTStop-Signal Reaction Time
SSRTSiberian Solar Radio Telescope
SSRTSlow Strain Rate Test
SSRTSingle Stage Rocket Technology
SSRTSwiss Safari Rallye Team
SSRTSevere Storm Recon Team (storm chasers)
SSRTShasta-Scott Coho Recovery Team (California Dept of Fish & Game)
SSRTSynchrotron Stereotactic Radiotherapy
SSRTSwedish State Railways Trains
SSRTSubmarine Receive Terminal
SSRTSaukville Shared-Ride Taxi (Wisconsin)
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A Stroop task and a Serial Reaction Time (SSRT) test were used in order to assess cognitive performance.
Los resultados con 27 loci SSRT evidencian una estructura genetica comun con diferencias en regiones geograficas, producto de la introgresion de otras razas sin perdida de identidad genetica.
In general, participants with faster SSRTs (defined by the median split SSRT) had significantly higher brain activity in the "stop fair bilateral frontal network, the "stop success" right frontal network, and the stop success basal ganglia network.
The slowest strain rate corresponds to the upper bound of the strain rates used typically during SSRT. The ductility was characterized by the maximum value of the deflection at break [[DELTA].sub.max].
The loan contract was signed by SSRT director, El Hadj Hahmadou Bah, and BOAD chairman, Abdouylaye Bio-Tchane.
(285) NMFS appointed the Snake River Salmon Recovery Team (SSRT) to independently develop recovery plan recommendations after NMFS listed Snake River sockeye salmon as endangered.
The stop signal reaction time (SSRT) in most situations is about 200 ms up to 250 ms.
Measurement Analysis Corp, of Torrence, California, which has been hired by LTO to provide independent compliance verification, will use the SSRT for technical testing and analysis of submitted licensee products.
Under phase I of the Single-Stage Rocket Technology (SSRT) program, the SDIO awarded four feasibility-assessment contracts to the Boeing Co., Rockwell International Corp., General Dynamics Corp., and McDonnell Douglas.
Detroit Woonsocket, Rl 10 HO Old NB LLC Minnetonka Capital Investments III Old Westbury, NY LLC Minneapolis 11 SSRT Holdings LLC Tasty Holdings LLC Athens, GA Athens, GA 12 CHL Investments LP GPR-West Sunset LLC Modesto, CA Atlanta 13 Spirit Realty Capital Petromark Inc.
The hydrogen embrittlement sensitivity to the bainitic steels used in this study is investigated by SSRT. The experimental equipment is the DDL-100 electronic universal testing machine.