SSRWSing, Spell, Read and Write (education tool)
SSRWSudden Strike Resource War (software)
SSRWSilent Sustained Reading and Writing
SSRWSilverdale/Seabeck Republican Women (Washington)
SSRWSame Season Relief Well (oil drilling)
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[R.sup.2] = 1 - SSRW = 1 - [[[n.summation over (i=1)][([y.sub.i] - [[Florin].sub.i]).sup.2]]/[[n.summation over (i=1)][([y.sub.i] - [bar.y]).sup.2]]], (3)
SSRW quantifies the differences between modeled and empirical values as the fraction of the sum of squares of residuals (numerator) to the total sum of squares of variability in the dataset (denominator).
For the CSD sets from 1990 and 2003, we define SSRW CSD_1990 and SSRW CSD_2003 according to Equation 3.