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SSSAScuola Superiore Sant'Anna (Italian: Saint Anna Advanced School)
SSSASoil Science Society of America
SSSASmall-Signal Stability Analysis
SSSASingle Sided SwingArm (motorcycle)
SSSASotos Syndrome Support Association
SSSASubway Surface Supervisors Association (NYCTA)
SSSASpace Station Solar Array
SSSASubstitute Single Service Accommodation (UK MoD)
SSSASite Safeguards and Security Agreement
SSSASquare Spiral Slot Antenna
SSSASubmarine Sonar Subjective Analysis
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For the first time in SSSA history, a panel of judges will adjudicate the works and a $500 prize will be awarded to a single selected artist," said Roberto Martinez, director of exhibitions.
This study merges fundamental sciences and applied engineering: it provides additional evidence that research in neuroprosthetics can contribute to the neuroscience debate, specifically about the neuronal mechanisms of the human sense of touch," says Calogero Oddo of the BioRobotics Institute of SSSA.
Vadose Zone Journal is an all-electronic, peer-reviewed, international publication published by the SSSA, with the Geological Society of America as cooperator.
anthracis was identified on one of the SSSA plates (Figure 2) during 10 min of sampling before the sorter was activated.
New publications in 2005 include Soil Wetting Agents, a turfgrass CD-ROM set; Roots and Soil Management: Interactions between Roots and the Soil; Phosphorus: Agriculture and the Environment; Micrometeorology in Agricultural Systems; and Chemical Processes of Soils (an SSSA Book Series Publication).
Both SWCS and SSSA are committed to providing educational and technology transfer activities at our annual meetings and to continue strengthening the partnership between scientists and practitioners.
To formalize this new relationship, SSSA established a liaison position with SWCS at the Minneapolis meeting in 2000.
Total, all ASA, SSSA, ASA, CSSA, Date categories CSSA CSSA CSSA SSSA 31 Dec.
Barbarick, ASA Editor-in-Chief, reported on a meeting held 19 July 2003 with the ASA, CSSA, and SSSA editors-in-chief and ASA, CSSA, and SSSA Budget and Finance Committee Chairs.
During fiscal 2002 total income for the ASA, CSSA, and SSSA amounted to $5 631 566 and expenses totaled $5 749 365 for a loss of $117 799 for the year (Table 3).
In addition, an ad hoc committee composed of representatives from the ASA, CSSA, and SSSA Executive Committees will review the Executive Vice President position description and will consult with legal counsel relative to need for an employment contract.