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that each journal [Agronomy Journal (AJ), Crop Science (CS), Journal of Environmental Quality (JEQ), Journal of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Education (JNRLSE), Soil Science of America Journal (SSSAJ), Vadose Zone Journal (VZJ)] charge a $350 publishing fee per manuscript rather than page charges.
to bundle the journals for institutional subscriptions with a cost of $100 for all 6, $1000 for any 2, $600 for individual subscriptions to AJ, CS, JEQ, SSSAJ, $400 for VZJ alone, and $200 for JNRLSE alone.
They may purchase the four major journals [Crop Science (CS), JEQ, Agronomy Journal (AJ), and SSSA Journal (SSSAJ)] for $1800 and also receive Journal of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Education (JNRLSE) included in the bundle.
The first phase of the searchable journal project was to have all issues of A J, CS, SSSAJ, and JEQ up to and including the year 2000, digitized and placed on CD.
Journal title April May June July JEQ 4025 3842 3287 3510 Agronomy Journal 6004 5099 4295 4536 Crop Science 6146 6004 5015 5089 SSSAJ 6442 5623 4784 5087 Vadose Zone Journal -- -- -- -- Journal title August September Avg.
JEQ 3338 2782 2338 2716 2719 2779 Agronomy Journal 3922 4452 4087 3934 4052 4089 Crop Science 3678 4324 3802 3875 4109 3958 SSSAJ 4046 5036 4394 4222 3942 4328 Table 5.
Motion 2: Each Budget and Finance Committee consider providing its journals (AJ, SSSAJ, CS, and JEQ) to nonmembers at a cost of the current price + 15%, with the right to receive one of three media (print, electronic, or CD).
Motion 20: Recommend that the Societies produce electronic editions of AJ, CS, SSSAJ, and JEQ.
Martin, Crop Science editor Keith Karnok, incoming Crop Science editor Lloyd Hossner, SSSAJ editor Diane Stott, monographs committee chair Charles Stuber, incoming ASA president-elect David Kral, associate exec.
As far as personnel is concerned, Nicholas Rhodehamel continues his service as the associate production editor of Crop Science, and Lisa Al-Amoodi continues to devote about a quarter of her time to editing manuscripts for Crop Science, another quarter editing manuscripts for SSSAJ, and the other half of her time to producing the reprints for all our journals.
This year's meeting reports and these minutes will be published in the May-June 1999 issues of JEQ, Agronomy Journal, Crop Science, and SSSAJ (minutes were published in the March-April issues in past years).
The 1998 issues of Agronomy Journal, Crop Science, and SSSAJ were posted to the World Wide Web.