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Though SSSE has been around for nearly 10 years, BIRL's work has started moving the process down the road to commercialization by identifying some of the key mechanical properties for commingled-PCR powders.
According to Khait, SSSE produces powders suitable for blending with virgin TABULAR DATA OMITTED TABULAR DATA OMITTED resins in a variety of applications, including pipe extrusion, rotational molding, powder coating, and compounding.
While SSSE does require some machinery modifications, the good news is that the changes seem to be minor.
SSSE was studied as a process for pulverizing thermosetting, crosslinked thermoplastic and natural polymeric materials by applying normal and shear stresses using counter rotating intermeshing conical screws sufficient to form fine powder (2).
The essence of SSSE consists of the fact that the compression applied to the material permits it to store strain energy, which is realized in the formation of a new surface under the effect of shear (3).
This machine is a scale-up version of the prototype ZE-40 (diameter of 40 mm) extruder which was used in our initial work to demonstrate the new SSSE technology to recover used tire rubber (ref.
The SSSE process utilizes a novel approach in producing powders by subjecting rubber and/or plastic feedstock to the very high shear and pressure being generated in the modified co-rotating twin-screw extruder combined with extensive cooling to remove frictional heat.
The technology, named Solid State Shear Extrusion (SSSE), is applicable for pulverizing rubber, thermoplastics and thermoset resins such as foamed phenolic and foamed flexible polyurethane [18-23].
The SSSE technology offers an innovative and low energy consumption route to recycle or reuse different polymer waste, including mingled plastics, vulcanized rubber waste, foams, multilayer films, other polymer composites; natural polymers; and various mixtures.
It is clear why the SSSE technology is now popular as a competitor to cryogenic grinding and other processes.
The Self-liking/Self-competence Self Esteem Scale (SSSES; Tafarodi & Swann, 2001).
Celebrity worship that demonstrates a borderline-pathology shares a significant positive correlation with all aspects of narcissism and self-esteem except the Narcissism Vanity subscale and SSSES Self-liking subscale.