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SSSMStandard Social Science Model (evolutionary psychology)
SSSMSouth Street Seaport Museum (New York City)
SSSMSystem Support Service Module
SSSMSite Space Surveillance Monitor
SSSMSurface-to-Surface Standard Missile
SSSMSmoker Station Surface Mount
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He admits that those enemy "isms" associated with postmodernism's SSSM are both different from and the most distinct opponents of sociobiology and evolutionary psychology.
EP believes our minds are composed of many specialized, content-dependent mechanisms (see below), and believes that the SSSM has a radically defective view of the human mind and needs to be discarded.
The SSSM is strongly empiricist, focuses on the importance of individual experience and cultural factors, neglects biological constraints, relies on one or a few general-purpose learning mechanisms, and has as its goal to explain the variability of humanity in these terms.
To suggest the study that you think is missing from the list, visit the SSSM website to explain your selection via a comment or provide a link (if for example, you have written a blog about the study you like).
SEAKR has been credited with pioneering the SSSM market by building small 100 Mbit systems, and has evolved its designs to current deliverable capacities well over 600 Gbits.