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SSSPSociety for the Study of Social Problems
SSSPStudent Support Services Program
SSSPSingle-Source Shortest Path
SSSPSun, Sex & Suspicious Parents
SSSPSeafood Spoilage and Safety Predictor (software)
SSSPSociety of Southeastern Social Psychologists
SSSPSite Safeguards and Security Plan (Dept of Energy)
SSSPSaskatchewan Summer Star Party (Cypress Hills Inter-provincial Park astronomy event)
SSSPSite Specific Safety Plan
SSSPSolid State Shear Pulverization
SSSPSkinheads Still Scare People (New York band)
SSSPSeed Sector Support Project
SSSPSmith Summer Science Program
SSSPSimulation of Single-Sludge Processes
SSSPSocial Services Strategic Planning (UK)
SSSPSpace Station Safety Program
SSSPSmall-Scale Salt Producers
SSSPSydney Symposium of Social Psychology (University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia)
SSSPSteady State Security Posture
SSSPSupplier's Suggested Selling Price
SSSPShip Systems Status Program
SSSPSatellite Systems Survivability Program
SSSPShip System Status Program
SSSPSite Specific Spill Plan
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However negative perceptions for all subscales were reported by Sheikh Zayed Medical College, Rahim Yar Khan in Punjab.6 SPL had the overall highest mean score and lowest mean was obtained by SSSP whereas another study reported highest mean by SPA which is contrary to our study but lowest mean score of SSSP and this finding is comparable to our study.
* Smart Shopper Self-Perception (SSSP) is an ego-related variable pertaining to consumers' need for intrinsic rewards from price savings achieved through shopping.
The domain scores were highest in SPA, followed by SPL, SPT, SASP and SSSP. These results are better than those reported in previous studies, but the SSSP scores are much lower, needing immediate attention.1-5,7-9,17-20This may be because a majority of the students in this study were dormitory dwellers with limited options for recreation and relaxation off-campus.
Under the assumption that both of AGCD and SSSP are hard, our scheme [CLT.sub.Q] is IND-CPA secure.
The mean score for SPL was 31.51/48 (SD = 9.68); for SPT 28.04/44 (SD = 8.12); for SASP 21.5/32 (SD = 6.81); for SPA 32.46/48 (SD = 9.96); and for SSSP 17.12/28 (SD = 6.11) (Table 1).
Depending on the inherited algorithm design and the hardness of the lattice problems (such as Polynomial Coset Problem (PCP), Ideal-Shortest Independent Vector Problem (I-SIVP), Sparse Subset-Sum Problem (SSSP), Bounded Distance Decoding Problem (BDDP), Learning With Error Problem (LWE), and Ring-Learning With Error (R-LWE)), these existing lattice-based FHE schemes can be further classified into three different classification approaches:
IG Karachi Mushtaq Mahar, DIG Admn., Zonal DIsG, District SSsP, SSsP Investigations and Chief CPLC, Chairman law and order committee KATI and others, said a statement here Saturday.
Mushtaq Mahar, DIG Admn., Zonal DIsG, District SSsP, SSsP Investigations & Chief CPLC, Chairman law & order committee KATI and others, said a statement here Saturday.
The theme of the congress was "Healthy Soils for Food Security" which was held under the auspices of Soil Science Society of Pakistan (SSSP).