SSSQStreet Survival Skills Questionnaire (est. 1983)
SSSQSolomon Schechter School of Queens (New York)
SSSQSibling Social Support Questionnaire (pediatric oncology and psychology)
SSSQSpringfield Symphony String Quartet (various locations)
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Only one expert reported the results of a measure specifically designed to assess adaptive functioning, the SSSQ, (115) and there are many questions concerning the validity of this measure.
Translation of the SSSQ from English to Turkish, then from Turkish to English then back to Turkish was done by three different groups composed of three academicians in the field of counseling who had good command of both languages.
The SSSQ consists of nine subtests, each measuring nine content areas most relevant to adaptive behavior.
On the SSSQ, factor 3 of the Acculturation Rating Scale for Mexican Americans, the factor measuring ethnicity of friends and associates correlated with the overall Survival Quotient.
Neither of these two SSSQ tests was significantly correlated with education or socioeconomic status in a subsequent multiple correlation analysis.
Results also suggest no cultural influence on SSSQ adaptive behavior subscales measuring Basic Concepts, Functional Signs, Tools, Domestics, Time, Monetary, and Measurements.