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SSSSSociety for the Scientific Study of Sexuality
SSSSStaphylococcal Scalded Skin Syndrome
SSSSSilent Sound Spread Spectrum (conspiracy theory)
SSSSSociety for Social Studies of Science
SSSSScandinavian Simvastatin Survival Study
SSSSStudents for Saving Social Security
SSSSSelected for Special Security Screening (Transportation Security Administration code)
SSSSSpace Shuttle System Specification
SSSSSmall Satellites Systems and Services
SSSSState Swim Swimming School (Australia)
SSSSSoftware Suitability Supportability Statement
SSSSStop Being So Stupid
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In particular, patients in Midwestern and Southern states experienced the highest rates of SSSS.
Von Rittershain first described the clinical characteristics of SSSS in a newborn in 1870.
Unlike in TEN, SSSS patients lack mucosal involvement and have more superficial epidermal peeling (4).
Si plusieurs organismes ont des mandats qui leur permettent de s'interesser a la performance du SSSS au Quebec, le CSBE se distingue d'une part par ses origines, soit une volonte politique clairement exprimee par l'Assemblee nationale, reconnue dans le projet de loi 38 portant sur la creation de l'organisme definissant ses obligations; et d'autre part, par sa demarche d'appreciation de la performance dont les principaux elements seront presentes dans cet article.
Prior to screening by SSSS, there were considerable numbers of overused or underused screening tests.
For example, since SSSS is not a congruence property for quadrilaterals, no area formula for a kite given solely in terms of the lengths of the four sides is possible.
El SSSS es una entidad poco frecuente causada por toxinas exfoliativas de S.
Hypothesis Two, SSSS ratings will be positively correlated with satisfaction with life, as measured by the SWLS, was supported (r = .
Another useful bedside test is a Tzanck preparation which helps differentiate TEN from SSSS by showing cuboidal cells with a high nuclear cytoplasmic ratio in the former and wide epithelial cells with a low nuclear/cytoplasmic ratio in the latter.
BBBs 15th peer (the most distant of its peer group) is medical center SSSS with a Euclidean distance of 4.