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SSTAStatistical Static Timing Analysis
SSTASea Surface Temperature Anomaly
SSTAScottish Secondary Teachers' Association (Scotland)
SSTASaskatchewan School Trustees' Association
SSTASolid State Technology Association (Joint Electron Device Engineering Council; trade association)
SSTAShell Structures, Theory and Applications (conference)
SSTASouthwest Safety Training Alliance (Tempe, AZ)
SSTASecurity Seal Testing Authority (UK)
SSTASocial Studies Teachers Association
SSTASunrise Side Travel Association (Tawas City, Michigan)
SSTAShenfield Station Taxi Association (UK)
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For those datasets where the 2015/16 Nino4 SSTA was unprecedented, the return period cannot be derived using the GEV approach.
This difference was discussed in a group session between the SSTA visitors and their ASTA hosts during the Japan-to-Australia leg of the Exchange.
The SSTA national executive will consider all measures up to and including industrial action to prevent another imposition on an already overworked and underpaid secondary teacher workforce.
It is unclear whether the net investment income tax is covered by the SSTA on the basis that it amends or supplements chapters 2 and 21 of the Code.
It is troublesome that this commission could lower the threshold whenever the states that have signed on to the SSTA need money.
In contrast to the SSTA process, income tax treaties are not typically authorized by statute.
The SSTA wish to acknowledge and welcome his determination to de-clutter the work of teachers and allow them to focus on teaching and learning in our battle of 'closing the attainment gap'.
A spokesman for the SSTA said: "Even the most optimistic of estimates relating to recruitment indicate that there will be an extreme shortage of secondary teachers.
2a) was characterized by positive SSTA exceeding +1 standard deviation (STD; Fig.