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SSTARSocial Skills Technology Asperger Recreation (Asperger's Syndrome)
SSTARStanley Street Treatment and Resources (Fall River, MA)
SSTARSociety for Sex Therapy and Research (Washington, DC)
SSTARSmall, Sealed, Transportable, Autonomous Reactor (portable nuclear power plant)
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In many cases, the recovery coach will end up connecting the person to services elsewhere in the community if there is not a suitable fit available at SSTAR.
Demand for the assessments is soaring even though SSTAR has done little advertising for the opioid triage center.
SSTAR has continued to use SATIS internally, without any external support or updates, for more than six years.
SSTAR uses NexGen as its primary-care EHR, a system that Ensellem said is used by many community health centers.
In light of her organization's experience with several EHRs, Ensellem offered a few insights about how SSTAR is considering its latest IT challenge.
For one thing, the SSTAR design assumes that a number of advanced technologies will be successfully developed.
In addition to these technology advances, the deployment of reactors broadly into the developing world, whether of the SSTAR or any other type, will require a framework for regulation and governance that does not currently exist.
I think that when you have gotten to, that place in your life and you are living in a dark place like that, once you make that decision, if you are motivated, there is no stopping you or what you are capable of," says Dawn Cantara, an SSTAR clinical supervisor and a recovering addict.
SSTAR was the first agency in our region to establish an inpatient alcohol and drug detoxification unit, and the first to open an HIV/AIDS walk-in clinic.
With the integration of mental health and substance use care, SSTAR also found itself developing services to meet the influx of patients needing HIV/AIDS treatment, from counseling to testing.
Development of the SSTAR primary care clinic--which started off as just two renovated exam rooms onsite at its treatment facility--began in 1990 and got off the ground in 1993.
By addressing its professional staffing needs through this "grow your own" strategy, SSTAR expects to improve staff retention, in turn reducing recruitment and orientation costs.