SSTASSpielberger State Trait Anxiety Scale
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The SSTAs are defined "as the scientific principles and their applications to space science, engineering and other allied fields."
SSTAs were +1 to +2[sigma] in most of the Atlantic (Fig.
When it comes to the interaction between the stratosphere and troposphere and the SSTAs caused by ENSO, Taguchi and Hartmann [7] used an atmospheric chemistry-climate model to analyze the mechanism through which ENSO events affect the polar stratosphere, pointing out that the frequency of stratospheric sudden warming in El Nino years is twofold greater than in La Nina years.
Figure 11 shows the correlation maps between the ICs and SSTAs. An alternative way to interpret ICs is through the patterns displayed in the corresponding normalized loading maps (Figure 12) obtained from combinations of EOFs (Figure 3).
It is noteworthy that the additional Medicare taxes on wages and self-employment income are specifically identified as ones to be covered by SSTAs. No similar guidance was provided for the net investment income tax.
SSTAs are pre-authorized by Congress pursuant to the Social Security Act (29) and associated regulations.
The 1991-92 and 1997-98 SSTAs in El Nino region 3 were higher, by more than 1[degrees]C, than the SSTAs in the study area (Fig.
Variations in equatorial Pacific sea surface temperature anomalies (SSTAs) are known to induce winter atmospheric circulation anomalies such as the PNA across the northern mid-latitudes (Hoskins and Karoly 1981).
Satellite images indicate a basin-wide sea surface temperature anomaly (SSTA) of between 0.5 [degrees] C and 1.5 [degrees] C in September 1996 (4), coincident with reports of coral bleaching on the Hawaiian Islands and on JA [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 1A OMITTED].
We compare the December 2015 (DEC2015) equatorial SST anomaly (SSTA) to the SSTA distribution during 1891-2000, to more stringently test against potentially recent nonstationarity.
The IOD was characterized by a pair of opposing signs of SSTAs in the western and eastern TIO.
Yearly mean SSTAs from 1950-2014, both global and regional, from OISST, ERSST, and HadISST (Fig.