SSTBSubsea Tieback (Oil Industry)
SSTBSecond Stage Turbine Blade (Coheed & Cambria album)
SSTBSwedish Software Testing Board (Stockholm, Sweden)
SSTBSalton Sea Test Base (military bombing site)
SSTBSensor Simulation Test Bed
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On April 18, Peach imaged a light spot in the centre of the SSTB at an approximate L3= 46[degrees].
May 29, 9 niahts) 4 nights) 48 nights) SPR Grey Yellow Grey grey SPR Zone SPR Bard Brown SSTB STZ Yellow STB Grey STropZ Yellowish Yeltow SE8(S) Grey brown or Orange Grey brown brown grey SEBZ SEB(N) Grey brown or Orange Grey brown brown grey EZ(S> Yellow or Yellow Yellowor cream yellowish white EB EZ(N) NTropZ White Grey or blue grey NTB Grey blue Grey NTZ NHEM RING A1 Grey blue Grey Grey blue Middle zone Ring A2 Grey Blue Cassini's Division Ring B1 White Cream Ring B2 Ring C RingC(M) Gray SH G on R Black SH R on G Black Heath McKim (Jan 26- (Jan 6- April 4, May 5, 9 nights).
The input voltage range of 8V to 14V also provides enhanced design flexibility, allowing designers to use the existing power rail in most SSTBs.