SSTFSocial Security Trust Fund
SSTFShortest Seek Time First
SSTFSubject Summary Tape File (US Census Bureau)
SSTFSafe Streets Task Force
SSTFSpace Station Training Facility
SSTFStatistically Significant Two-Fold (genes)
SSTFSunday School Teachers Fellowship (India)
SSTFStarfleet Special Task Force (computer game)
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These SSTFs provide a large grip range compared to other automated SSTFs.
SSTFs are stored in cartridges that are loaded into a receiver assembly next to the fastener injector.
To account for the different diameters of SSTFs, multiple installation tools are needed.
This controller communicates with the CNC and controls the tightening of the SSTFs. Programmed parameter sets (PSets) specify a fastener tightening process.
SSTFs provide an opportunity to reduce the cycle time for wing assembly.
Instead, it borrows money from SSTF through "special purpose treasury bonds." The bonds, the author writes, are full faith and credit obligations of the government.
An LAPD detective serving on a SSTF fugitive task force used the database to search for homicide suspects.
Another necessary item to start an SSTF is a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) among participants.
Above all, the Mobile Violent Crime Joint Task Force demonstrates what an SSTF can accomplish with all involved agencies working in partnership to address the violent crime problem.
Today's Safe Streets task forces (SSTFs) were modeled on the six successful prototype task forces that have operated in select FBI field offices since 1989.
The SSTFs have teamed 681 FBI special agents with 873 State and local law enforcement officers and 135 other Federal law enforcement personnel.
Besides substantially benefiting farmers and agricultural entrepreneurs in South Sudan, the long term effort is expected to help ensure food security", he explained Kullenburg explained the grant came from the South Sudan Transition Trust Fund (SSTF), established by the World Bank to provide bridge financing to the new nation in period between its independence until such a time when South Sudan begins to benefit from the services offered to member countries.