SSTHSwiss School of Tourism and Hospitality
SSTHSo Sweet the Hour (band)
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Another most extended linguistic theory by Graeme Richie (2003, based on the bulky former research) is computer-processing-oriented and includes chapter after chapter of severe criticism on the theoretical foundations of both the IR and SSTH / GTVH models.
2006) which provides some politically correct notes on the principal shortcomings of the SSTH and GTVH; calls upon humour scholars and cognitive linguists to make efforts to establish closer collaboration, thus bringing new and fascinating and increasingly complicated phenomena of creative language within reach of their scientific capabilities; lists the abundant conceptual and thematic contribution cognitive linguistics and pragmatics can make to that partnership (salience, conceptual metaphor, metonymy, viewpoint, prototypicality, mental spaces, frame-shifting, usage-based models); describes mutual benefits that could be acquired; delineates some perspectives and directions for further research.
Attardo, substantially, does not admit any reproaches made towards the SSTH and GTVH.
Yet the approach, as a whole, reminds one of the analysis of metonymy as such rather than analysis of humour, that is, retranslation of many concepts known already from IRT, SSTH, GTVH or elsewhere to terminology used by Langacker, Croft, Giora etc.
Studying hospitality at SSTH means laying the foundation for an interesting and challenging career.
At SSTH we combine both theory and practical classes in hotel operations and hotel management.
With an SSTH Swiss School of Tourism and Hospitality education as your foundation, you will meet the requirements of a competitive job market, where well-trained professionals with a wide knowledge in different fields are more and more required.
The SSTH is one among the many well-known Hospitality Schools in Switzerland and offering recognised diplomas in the field of tourism and hospitality.
Other than the teaching at SSTH, the school has tie-ups with other international schools, such as the University of Deleware in the US and the University of Applied sciences--Fachhochschule Ostschweiz, in Chur to follow up on higher education.