SSTHSingle Storey Terrace House (real estate)
SSTHSemantic Script Theory of Humor
SSTHSo Sweet the Hour (band)
SSTHSwiss School of Tourism and Hospitality
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Studying hospitality at SSTH Swiss School of Tourism and Hospitality means that you are laying the foundation for an interesting and challenging career.
Any solution to the incongruity question, whether from the SSTH or elsewhere, should help to widen the focus of computational humor to other forms of humor.
Thirdly, the section handles criticism that the traditional script-based linguistic theories of humour (SSTH and GTVH) have received from the younger generation of cognitive linguists (Kurt Feyaerts, Geert Brone, Tony Veale et al.) and Attardo's self-defensive vigorous counter-criticism.
Even recently, Gert Brone, Kurt Feyaerts, and Tony Veale (2006: 209), the prominent instigators of attacks on Victor Raskin's and Salvatore Attardo's theories of humour (known as SSTH and GTVH) from the part of the 'new wave' of cognitive linguists, seem to consider humour scholars to be more guilty in this.
ssth. In spite of the fishy smell, and the sign--Cuidado las tortugas muerden--it was tempting to lean down, dip a wrist into that cool blue water.
ssth. The turtles continued circling, bumping, circling.
Studying hospitality at SSTH means laying the foundation for an interesting and challenging career.
At SSTH we combine both theory and practical classes in hotel operations and hotel management.
But rest assured, says John Carr, Head of SSTH, "They will all emerge professionals."
The SSTH is one among the many well-known Hospitality Schools in Switzerland and offering recognised diplomas in the field of tourism and hospitality.
Clinically suspected diagnosed dengue patients were registered at SSTH, and screened for dengue virus (DENV) non-structural protein (NS1) glycoprotein using SD Dengue Duo Strips as per the instruction of manufacturing company.
Around half of the student population is Swiss, with the other half from over 40 nationalities, intercultural competence is an everyday reality at SSTH.