SSTIStrategy for Science, Technology and Innovation (Ireland)
SSTIState Science & Technology Institute (Westerville, OH)
SSTIState Smart Transportation Initiative (University of Wisconsin)
SSTISkin and Soft Tissue Infection
SSTISmall Spacecraft Technology Initiative
SSTISize Specific to Instrument (finance)
SSTISatellite-to-Satellite Tracking Instrument
SSTISkin and Skin Structure Infection
SSTISix Sigma Technical Institute (Motorola, Inc.)
SSTISub Sea Tie In
SSTISimulation Systems Technologies, Inc (Voorhees, NJ)
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In two other recent studies, the association of HTG with SstI polymorphism was stronger than that with promoter haplotypes (13, 16).
Isolates originated from 12 patients with invasive disease (sepsis or meningitis), 37 with UTI, and 15 with SSTI and from 17 healthy carriers who were screened during pregnancy by use of vaginal swab or cervical fluid samples.
SSTI, based in Westerville, Ohio, is one of the nation's largest and most prominent organizations dedicated to encouraging economic growth through the application of science and technology.
Some current guidelines suggest obtaining blood cultures from children with skin and soft tissue infections (SSTIs) to help identify bacteremia and prevent sepsis, but the value of the test is unknown and evidence to support fits use is limited, said Dr.
Education on SSTI identification, prevention, and intervention might be included as a standard component of football training camps.
An SstI digested subclone of M1 (3.0 kb, hereafter referred to as M1a) shows an RFLP pattern similar to that of Mng247 when hybridized with soybean parental DNA on a Southern blot.
In view of the importance of the apo AI-CIII-AIV cluster gene as a major marker for hyperlipidemia, the present study investigated possible associations between variations of the five RFLP sites (XmnI, G[right arrow]A, PstI, SstI, and HincII) in this cluster gene and plasma lipid concentrations in Korean hypertriglyceridemic subjects.
The following 12 restriction enzymes were used in the survey: AvaI, BstBI, BstNI, ClaI, EcoRI, EcoRV, HaeIII, MspI, PvuII, SstI, XbaI, and XhoI.
* According to William Blair, the prior rating for ShotSpotter Inc (NASDAQ: SSTI) was changed from Outperform to Market Perform.
(18) LRTI, UTI, pneumoniae Meningitis, BSI, IAI, SSTI Tumbarello 61/36 BSI KPC-producing K.
Four patients had documentation of either recent MRSA skin and soft tissue infection (SSTI) or living with someone with a history of MRSA SSTI.