SSTOSingle-Stage-to-Orbit (space flight)
SSTOSecondary School Teachers Organization (Israel)
SSTOSuper-Synchronous Transfer Orbit
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According to him, a total of 20 patients have been scheduled for surgeries by the SSTO while some 98 patients were operated as day care cases and 103 were received as in-patients; 31 tracked for ear, nose and throat (ENT) operations; 112 for general surgery; 25 in orthopaedic; and 33 for urology.
where SSTo = total sum of squares = [summation] [(y - [bar.y]).sup.2] = [n.summation over (i=1)] [(yi - [bar.y]).sup.2] (5)
An operational Delta Clipper might require new triple-propellant, superefficient rocket motors being developed by the Russians for their own SSTO project.
McDonnell Douglas and Lockheed are investing their own money in SSTO research because they believe it's the future.
If all goes to plan, the first test flights could happen in 2019 and Reaction Engines' SSTO could be visiting the International Space Station by 2022.
SSTOs have long been a dream because they are fully reusable and are able to take off and land horizontally from a traditional runway and so make the cost of reaching orbit very much cheaper - estimated at better than a 20th of current levels.
Amid an ambitious 20-month $59 million development program, they are building the Delta Clipper, a unique wingless single-stage-to-orbit (SSTO) vehicle that will carry payloads into low earth orbit and return to earth in one piece.
Different versions of the new SSTO craft could carry payloads including scientific probes, cargo and crews for the planned space station and interplanetary missions, and Star Wars experiments.
ItOs the ideal situation, Sanford feels like a small-town airport, but it has all the services and amenities you normally only expect from larger airports.O According to Larry Dale, President of Orlando Sanford International Airport, the Sanford airport enthusiastically welcomes the advent of SST Air, OOur passenger base has long awaited the return of flights to South America from Sanford, and we anticipate a tremendous amount of local interest in SSTOs outbound flights to Brazil.O Orlando Sanford International Airport offers visitors and Central Floridians alike, the OBest of Both Worlds,O located midway between OrlandoOs World Class attractions and the WorldOs Most Famous Beach - Daytona Beach, both are only 45 minutes away.