SSTOLSuper Short Take-Off and Landing
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The concept aircraft also was to be capable of carrying a 28-ton medium armored vehicle over a 250 nm mission radius to within either 25-50 km of desirable points of need (if SSTOL capable) or less than 25 km (if a VTOL design).
Shallow-draft high-speed sealift (SDHSS) vessels; theater support vessels (TSVs); APS vessels that do not require docking to offload; and a new family of all-weather, day-and-night SSTOL and VTOL aircraft create new sustainment options.
Speed, provided by TSVs, SDHSS vessels, and airlift by both current airframes and a new family of SSTOL and VTOL aircraft, some of which can self-deploy, contributes to sustainment security.