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SSTPStreamlined Sales Tax Project (multi-state project to collect sales taxes on Internet purchases)
SSTPSecure Socket Tunneling Protocol (Microsoft)
SSTPShared Spanning-Tree Protocol (Cisco)
SSTPStudent Science Training Program
SSTPState Simplification Tax Project (proposed sales tax program)
SSTPSimple Symmetric Transmission Protocol (peer-to-peer communications protocol; Groove Networks, Inc.)
SSTPSupervisory Skill Training Program
SSTPSpace Systems Technical Panel (IEEE)
SSTPSystem Supporting Test Plan
SSTPShort Sweet and to the Point
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separate "fur tax" which the SSTP inexplicably upheld.
Kranz, "A Lawmaker's Guide to the Streamlined Sales Tax SSTP," Journal of State Taxation, vol.
The uniform SSTP definitions adopted by participating states were developed in an attempt to simplify sales tax compliance.
Patients undergoing bilateral JR (DRG 471) and not covered under the SSTP were subsequently excluded from the primary analyses.
The extent of this possibility can be the subject of future research regarding the enforceable SSTP.
In order to help retailers and vendors calculate and collect sales taxes, the SSTP has certified several providers of sales tax software.
The first step for a state seeking to be recognized by the SSTP is to adopt the definitions of what is taxable under the Streamlined Sales Tax Agreement (SSTA).
The SSTP seeks to develop a Streamlined Sales Tax System that substantially reduces compliance problems of firms making interstate sales.
To overcome the sticking point in the Bellas Hess and Quill decisions--the compliance burden on vendors--a group of public and private entities formed the Streamlined Sales Tax Project, or SSTP, in March 2000 with the goal of simplifying state and local tax systems.
136) Currently, twenty-five states have passed enabling legislation, and the SSTP has produced the Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Agreement.
SSTP is a cooperative effort among state governments to simplify and modernize sales and use tax administration in order to substantially reduce the burden of tax compliance for all sellers and for all types of commerce, particularly Internet selling.