SSTRSomatostatin Receptor
SSTRStability, Security, Transition, and Reconstruction
SSTRSilicon Sam's Technology Resource (website)
SSTRSolid State Track Recorder
SSTRSmall Business Technology Transfer Program
SSTRSenior Staff Technical Representative
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sup][28] Characteristic SSTR expression patterns in pituitary adenomas are species-, tissue-, and subtype-specific.
Truman Building at Foggy Bottom meant that SSTR in Iraq would assuredly be a gigantic failure.
In sum, the gap had been bridged between the innate insurgent force advantage in SSTR operations and the modern fighting force of the United States.
at Kennedy Space Center and applies the experience gained at Embry-Riddle to real-world problems by modeling the on-axis SSTR at SwRI.
Retrieval of SSTR sequences: The sequences of human, mouse and rat SSTR2, 3 and 5 were retrieved from Swiss-Prot (10-12) using the sequence retrieval system 5 (SRS) (Table 1a-c).
The SSTR Division focuses its interests on the stabilization of host nations and otherwise helps achieve US foreign policy and national security objectives based on the application of "Smart Power" elements, including but not limited to situations of disaster relief, humanitarian support, postcrisis support for expanding and strengthening security, rule of law, economic growth, and the consolidation of democratic institutions and governance systems.
Whether the military likes to acknowledge this aspect of its mission or not, SSTR operations are a core mission.
In particular, interagency efforts must expand information collection capabilities to plan and conduct climatic and environmental SSTR operations.
It will explore the related strategic guidance, joint doctrine, and unity of effort challenges, as well as provide recommendations--specifically, the Department of Defense should establish joint nation-building organizations, leverage existing initiatives, and establish regional training centers--designed to rapidly improve the nation's ability to perform SSTR operations.
The principal mission is to develop closer relations with and understanding of relevant roles, strengths and interests brought to bear by the US Department of State, US Agency for International Development and other US Government Agencies relevant to the SSTR mission and NDIA Division, including the US Congress on a bi-partisan basis.
Examples include gray water, black water, and industrial waste streams Abbreviations ACSC Air Command and Staff College AOC-WS Air and Space Operations Center-Weapon System DOD Department of Defense DOE Department of Energy DOS Department of State EU European Union FG07 Future Capabilities Game 2007 IOP instrument of power JP joint publication LOC line of communications MEC microbial electrolysis cell MEP mobile electric power MFC microbial fuel cell NGO nongovernmental organization NMS National Military Strategy NSS National Security Strategy QDR Quadrennial Defense Review R&D research and development SSTR stability, security, transition, and reconstruction TRL technology readiness level USGBC United States Green Building Council