SSTROSecurity, Stability, Transition, and Reconstruction Operations
SSTROStabilization, Security, Transition, and Reconstruction Operation (US DoD)
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The next two passages out of the SSTRO JOC highlight the applicability of introducing these technologies in realms other than major combat operations, such as security cooperation: "Operational capabilities focus on capabilities associated with accomplishing a desired end state [i.e., major mission element] within a SSTR operation, e.g., delivering supplies of food and medicine, rebuilding a power generation and distribution system." (22) Moreover, in "many of the major urban areas, the government's inability to provide the basic public services heightens the potential for chaos and civil unrest.
We are starting to build the DOTMLPF (doctrine, organization, training, materiel, leadership and education, personnel and facilities) because all the soft power SSTRO initiatives were not a primary mission for the military prior to the publication of DoD Directive 3000.05 in November 2005 which said we had to give equal priority to SSTRO as we have to major combat operations.
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