SSTTSplit Second Turbo Tuner
SSTTSmall Satellite Thermal Technologies
SSTTsalvis titulis (Latin: not mentioning any degrees or official titles)
SSTTSan Shen Tan Tien (Chinese: Three Spirit Energy Points; martial arts & sciences)
SSTTStay Strong Think Thin
SSTTSubsea Test Tree (oil & gas)
SSTTSmall Specimen Test Technique
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Since 2003, over 150 state-level research institutes, R&D organizations, tech-based innovative companies, training organizations, and outsourcing and design companies have settled in SSTT.
In the list of 'Double Doubles' below, I include words with the following adjacent doubled consonants: BBSS, CCLL, CCSS, DDLL, DDSS, FFYY, GGSS, HHGG (WW68016), KKYY, LLCC, LLDD, LLGG, LLPP, LLRR, LLSS, LLYY, MMSS, MMYY, NNGG, NNSS, NNYY, PPLL, PPNN, PPSS, PPYY, RRDD, RRNN, RRSS, RRYY, SSJJ, SSLL, SSTT, TTCC, TTLL, TTSS, TTYY.
SSTT He added: "I'm very glad that we have been successful - and it's thanks to the headteacher, Gwynedd itself and the front page story in the Daily Post.