SSTUSaratov State Technical University (Russia)
SSTUState School Teachers' Union (Australia)
SSTUSingle Stage to Utah (slang for X-33, built to test Lockheed VentureStar Concept SSTO - RLV)
SSTUStreet Survival Training Unit (New Zealand)
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Within the SSTU business model, Sandy Steele Salons offer health, beauty, nutritional, and financial products and services to its clients as part of the "one stop shopping" philosophy within each salon.
The synergies between the newly created divisions of SSTU will allow the company to evolve into a mini-conglomerate containing three of the most robust industries in the United States: Financial, Health & Beauty, and Media.
Steele adds, "In addition to the Siegel companies' financial resources, SSTU now has a prominent and internationally renowned businessman and author as a key part of its management.
SSTU is focusing on franchising beauty salons and selling its proprietary skin care products, nutritional supplements, and other beauty accessories while creating a boutique "one stop shopping" atmosphere for its individual locations.
With this alliance SSTU has the ability to offer a full line of exceptional products at profit margins nearly equal to what we would earn if we had developed the products ourselves.