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SSTVSlow-Scan Television
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The Samsung SSTV creates a seamless way to highlight these new programs, spread the word about volunteer opportunities and communicate club happenings with our members.
Small businesses have until November 5 to take this quick survey to nominate their business to win a Samsung SSTV.
The show is expected to reach more than 90 million households currently over 400 TV stations have signed on to air SSTV and the company is planning international distribution through its major collaborators world wide in the Fall of 2013.
A content partnership enabling SSTV to market and deliver materials for Critical Information Network (CiNET), a company that provides training and education for the nation's 25 million first responders and homeland security professionals.
The announcement however prompted the government's minister of information and broadcasting, Michael Makuei Lueth, to immediately rush to the SSTV to revoke the call by the women bloc, condemning it and challenging the women bloc.
Users will be able to connect to the SSTV through their laptop, tablet or mobile device to publish and update content.
Bob) Townsend is president and chief operating officer of SSTV.
SSTV and Radio Juba obtained public criticism over what listeners call poor programming and deficient capacity.
Shop TV's formation is a result of months of collaboration between SSTV President William O'Keefe, Media Productions Corporation, Network Teleports, Inc.
In a presidential decree read on SSTV on Monday evening, President Kiir relieved managing director of Nile petroleum, Joseph Cleto, and appointed Moses Machar Achiek as replacement.
SSTV is the first TV home shopping network to target sports and sports related products (similar in style to a QVC or Home Shopping Club format).
Kumba, the state-owned SSTV reported, will assemble and recommend to the party chairperson the appointment of a new team of party officials to various positions at the national secretariats, recently dissolved by the National Liberation Council.