SSUESpecialised State Unitary Enterprise (Russian finanical agency; Moscow, Russia)
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* Resulted in disc height improvement and normaliza on of ssue architecture.
SSUE = [A.sub.p]([h.sub.Tp], PTx, [DELTA], [lambda]) + [N.summation over (i=o)] [A.sub.s](STx, [h.sub.Ts], [tau])/[] x 100% (8)
For instance, there are grounds on which to suspect that the so-called linear training design (i.e., train A to B, and B to C), adopted in the current study, may not be the most effective method for establishing equivalence relations (see Arntzen & Holth, 1997, for a detailed discussion of this i ssue).
Given that the Electoral College had to meet on December 18, this would have left but a few short days to litigate and resolve all appeals concerning the complex and never-before-adjudicated i ssue of whether state legislative appointment was appropriate when election contests failed to follow state legislative directions or make a timely choice conclusive on Congress.
Because the i ssue was a revenue bond, the county has no financial liability.
Thus the i ssue is whether (and how) to encourage the industry to both borrow and create a body of useful consumer theory and concepts.
However, analysts may not feel compelled to i ssue forecasts that ensure a lack of serial correlation between current and past forecast errors.
An excellent buy is the Parasound HCA-1500a (reviewed in ssue 70).
STORMONT insiders say that Peter Mandelson is taking a close look at Welsh flag-waving practice before taking a decision on the tricky i ssue of what banners fly over Parliament Buildings.
A second key i ssue under discussion through the book is the likely eternal fate of the majority of the world s population, who belong to other religions, or who have not been in a position to receive redemption via Christianity.
Many senators would be happy to avoid a direct vote on the ssue.
"Therefore, it is important to engage with all these countries, and Qatar remains open." Sheikh Mohammed expressed the hope that the GCC countries, especially the blockading countries, will go back to reason, start to engage with their region and resolve this ssue. Continued on page 2 a