SSUESpecialised State Unitary Enterprise (Russian finanical agency; Moscow, Russia)
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The TCR solution s equipped with software solution that an be upgraded to cope up with new ssues of banknotes and combat new counterfeits circulating in the market.
The stars are going to make it very hard for you to communicate with your close ones so try to leave any delicate i ssues until later in the week or you may well cast an air of unease that is not so easy to shift.
The Business Week ranking procedures also focus attention upon understanding ethical i ssues as a key factor in recruiting today's MBAs.
We also need to consider whether other important nutrition i ssues are potentially being overlooked because of the current focus on obesity?
Social work advocates, therefore, may find it useful to engage in community living wage campaigns as part of a longer-term strategy to elevate worker compensation i ssues more firmly onto public decision-making agendas.
Yet to be resolved, however, are i ssues of equity and the fact that even the annual enrolment fee charged by the scheme is still too expensive for those who are most in need.
This attitude is reflected in statements under I ssues 8 and 9 in Table 1.
4] Even so, the i ssues raised by the three new devolution initiatives can best be understood in terms of a federal model based on divided powers, a written constitution, judicial review and enforcement, and a system of federal-state relations.
The Winter Conference workshops covered a variety of ssues confronting today's corrections professionals.
This came when Al-Mirghani received, at the Republican Palace, the Ambassador of the State of South Sudan to Khartoum, Mayan Dout who pointed in press statements that the meeting focused on a number of I ssues of mutual interest, specially, the refugees of the State of South Sudan and the implementation of the joint cooperation agreements signed bt the two countries .