SSUPStreet Stand Up Paddle
SSUPScience and Sequence Update Process
SSUPShiny Side Up Partnership (UK)
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Depletion of five SSUP proteins (Imp4, Mpp10/Mphosph10, Wdr36, Wdr46, and Wdr75) resulted in a reduction of Nanog expression, and the absence of one SSUP component (Cirh1a) caused cell death.
In ESCs, SSUP subunits are up-regulated which enhances their translation rate and supports the interconnected regulatory network which controls pluripotency.
Furthermore, the SSUP proteins are required for efficient reprogramming of induced pluripotent stem cells.
It is well known that ribosome biogenesis is a key component of the cell cycle as it regulates cell size and growth and the IBS team has uncovered that SSUPs play a critical role in maintaining induced pluripotent stem cell integrity.
Klawitter and Flatt (1998) use the SSUP approach in the 1990 Census and document that SS female cohabiting couples and DS cohabiting couples have significantly lower household incomes than their married counterparts even after controlling for a large number of observable characteristics.
(2000) have also considered various data reliability checks on the SSUP households in the census.
Whether the SSUP couples in the Census are truly gay or lesbian cannot be falsified, as has been explicitly acknowledged in previous research.
Perhaps the most serious criticism of the 1990 Census sample of SSUP households is that they represent such an extremely small proportion of the households with a marriage-like relationship.
Women in SSUP households, though substantially less likely than never-married women to report zero partners for sexual intercourse, are more than four times as likely to report zero intercourse partners relative to their arguably more "comparable" counterparts.
TABLE 6 Range of Estimates of Sexual Orientation on Log Annual Household Income Sample: Sample: Male SSUP Householders Male SSUP Householders and Married Men and Male DS Cohabitors (Upper Bound) (Lower Bound) Gross effects: -0.035 0.307 *** coefficient on Same Sex from equations with no controls (0.069) (0.097) Coefficient on same sex from equations with controls for Age and race ...
In their MW experiment, the SWSLP heuristic outperformed MAXDIF and two versions of SSUP (SSUP-O and SSUP-H).
The BSG heuristic generated an average of 14.8 fewer tours than the 50 tours allowed for MAXDIF, SM1, SM2, SSUP, and TWAP procedures, and one less than that of the DDM procedure.