SSURGOSoil Survey Geographic Database
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3] Observation network/SSURGO Sampling probe Observation network type (a) Elevation ft Observation network Representative SSURGO SSURGO polygon (a) These parameters are available for all depths at which soil moisture is measured.
The SSURGO data has minimum and maximum values in addition to a representative value for each soil property measurement (SSURGO, 1995).
Soil information from the SSURGO database is based on map unit by county, where map units represent groups of discontinuous polygons with similar soil characteristics in a county (3828 total map units, mean area of 2465 ha).
Erosion estimates by WEPS were compared to the wind erodibility groups (WEGs) provided in the SSURGO database.
Table 1 Selected initial soil parameters from the SSURGO database used for the 50-year simulations with the EPIC model.
50] (Table 1) were assigned based on the surface-soil texture classification "surftex" in the SSURGO database.
1977; Zavesky and Boatright, 1977; USDA-NRCS, SSURGO 1998, 1999a, 1999b).
Corresponding digital maps of soil map units that integrate with GIS are also available for most states in the SSURGO database.
Tables contained in a county-level soil survey, such as SSURGO tables, may be updated more frequently than the survey is republished.
In particular, we suspect that relative measures of soil productivity from the Soil Survey Geographic Database, SSURGO, a digital soil database generated by Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), and the extent and condition of wetlands both within easement tracts and across the counties in which tracts are located, could potentially be used to explain variations between tract and county land values.
Another option may be to spin off intermediate products as steady progress is made toward SSURGO certified surveys.
In SSURGO, K values are expressed as annual averages in English units, which are converted to SI metric units according to Foster et al.