SSVEPSteady State Visually Evoked Potential
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Los BCI basados en SSVEP se aplican en temas como movimiento de sillas de ruedas (Singla, Khosla y Jha, 2013; Singla y Haseena, 2013; Torres, Freire y Sarcinelli, 2013; Diez et al.
Algunos sistemas BCI basados en SSVEP se han probado en ambientes menos controlados; por ejemplo, se combina el uso de SSVEP con desincronizacion relacionada a eventos (ERD) para el comando de un carro (Castillo et al.
Take our previously developed hybrid BCI [12], for example; the number of the hybrid tasks is the sum of the number of individual tasks and the number of simultaneous tasks, and that is fourteen for our hybrid BCI combining of two-class MI and four-class SSVEP.
During the data collection, they were required to perform individual MI tasks, individual SSVEP tasks, and hybrid tasks of MI and SSVEP, respectively.
A hybrid BCI applies simultaneously P300 and SSVEP activities.
Graser, "BCI demographics ii: how many (and what kinds of) people can use a high-frequency SSVEP BCI?
One of these advantages is that only between 1 and 5 s of a recorded signal is required in order to estimate the SSVEP amplitude and phase (Silberstein, Ciorciari, & Pipingas, 1995).
Silberstein (1997) has used SSPT to investigate brain activity during a spatial working memory task compared to a perceptual control task, and reported that during the retention interval of the spatial working memory task there was an increase in SSVEP amplitude in the prefrontal and parietal areas and a decrease in the SSVEP latency in the prefrontal area.
The technical details of the SSPT apparatus and SSVEP recording are given in the Appendix.
We chose the SSVEP paradigm, as it is reported to be among the fastest and most reliable BCI strategies, with short or no training time needed [13].
The SSVEP can be evoked by different flickers, such as Liquid Crystal Display (LCD), Light Emitting Diode (LED), and Cathode Ray Tube (CRT).