SSVFSpeed Sensitive Valve Floating
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Participants in both the HUD-VASFI and SSVF programs have access to case management and support services, which provides a safety net for residents, additional assurances that lease terms are met, and a reduced default risk
Vincent's SSVF case managers face a major obstacle.
The availability of SSVF funds was announced in a Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) posted in the Federal Register and on VA's SSVF website at www.
asp offers guidance for community organizations interested in applying for SSVF funds.
Whether they need rental or child care assistance, transportation vouchers or another type of support, SSVF grantees offer Veterans the mix of services they need to gain housing and stay housed.
These resources are unprecedented, and critical to serving the needs of veteran families who live and work in our communities," said Colonel (Retired) Jim McDonough, Managing Director of Community Engagement and Innovation at IVMF, and leader of efforts to support the VA's SSVF investments in New York State and New England.
Community organizations seeking more information on the SSVF program can also contact VA at 1-877-737-0111 or at SSVF@va.
With a success rate of 84% retention of permanent housing, and an average cost per veteran family of only $2,480, the SSVF program is a low-cost, high-impact way to make successful interventions.
Currently, Congress has only authorized $300 million to be spent on the SSVF program.
Last year, VA provided $60 million through the SSVF program to community providers, affecting about 22,000 people through 84 non-profit community agencies in 40 states and the District of Columbia.
The primary goals of the SSVF are to expand students' knowledge of the process of venture capital investing, while contributing to the entrepreneurial character of the St.