SSWBSaturation Signed Word to Byte
SSWBSocial Security Wage Base (US SSA)
SSWBSix Sigma White Belt (training)
SSWBSchool of Social Work Building (University of Michigan)
SSWBSocial Scientists without Borders (Sweden)
SSWBSelf-Study Workbook
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It turns out that the commonsense steps laid out in last year's SSWB Challenge helped correct some early mistakes Juetten made in her business and gave her an idea of just how much work she needed to do.
When I started the SSWB contest again this year, we did have some customer traction, and I just thought, OK, I need to take a step back and treat each step seriously.
Long-term, Del Castillo says, SSWB's greatest impact on Krav Maga Martial Arts will come from its lesson on creating systems to enhance the ability and focus of a staff.
SSWB's Managing Director, Roshan Shaikh said the envisaged integrated waste management plan would be implemented in three phases so as to achieve better result.
Last year we launched our first-ever Start Small Win Big (SSWB) initiative--a challenge that puts you, our entrepreneurial reader, through a series of tough steps designed to ramp up your business quickly.
The person who best realizes the goal he or she sets at the beginning of the SSWB Challenge will win all-expenses-paid trips to meet JJ Ramberg and SUCCESS Publisher Darren Hardy.
A thousand entrants competed for the SSWB grand prize last year.
"The article in SUCCESS is what excited me the most--it's huge for someone like me," says Tami Provost, founder of Fit on the Fly and the inaugural SSWB winner.
"I made the mistake of equating being busy to being fruitful," she wrote in her SSWB Final essay.
Both conferences resulted in $2,000 in profit, and since submitting her SSWB essay in April, Provost has hosted a third sold-out conference and generated an additional $1,000 in profit.