SSWISubsea Well Intervention (energy exploration)
SSWISource Safe Web Interface (Microsoft software)
SSWISite of Special Wildlife Interest (New Zealand Forest Accord)
SSWISevier Solid Waste Inc.
SSWISocial Security Work Incentive
SSWISo Sick with It (website)
SSWISingle Sweep Wave Identification (neuroscience)
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That the chosen system can process sludge was an added plus for SSWI, because sludge in Sevier County had also been landfilled.
Whether the technology was in fact turn-key, and whether it required extensive maintenance and retraining the work force were questions that faced the SSWI board.
When SSWI solicited proposals for its plants, a major concern was the ability to find markets for the compost end product.
SSWI financed the Sevierville plant through a $9-million public bond issue.
SSWI owns the plant, and has contracted with Bedminster to operate it for five years under an operating agreement with five-year renewal periods, which includes an annual operating and maintenance fee.