SSWRSociety for Social Work and Research
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SSWRSmall Scale Water Resources (various organizations)
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In fact, in the past several years, the SSWR Board of Directors has addressed some of the very issues Howard raised.
My second hypothesis considered the possibility that a lack of abstracts presented at SSWR related to the strengths perspective could be due to some bias in the review process.
Fong (2010) states that the SSWR board "has, in fact, been engaged in ongoing discussion about these issues" (p.
Reviewers were unpaid and acknowledged only in a listing in the conference brochure and SSWR News.
Over its first 14 years, SSWR has grown from a modest-sized organization that hosted an initial conference to a large and influential force that sponsors a wildly successful yearly conference.
SSWR works collaboratively with a number of other organizations that are committed to improving support for research among social workers.
Social work is a small enough field that with strategic planning involving research organizations, such as SSWR, IASWR, the National Association of Deans and Directors of Social Work, and the Council on Social Work Education, shared core facilities could be built to support research across the profession.
An increased emphasis on the scientific rigor and visibility of social work research led to the development of SSWR.
Concern about the quality of social work journals expressed in the Miami Statement led SSWR to establish a task force to examine journal publication practices in the profession.
A random sample of 309 members was selected for participation using systematic sampling with a random start in which every third SSWR member was chosen.
Recent advances and current challenges in prevention are chronicled in the following section and in remarks to the SSWR membership offered by Professor Hawkins.
Based on a recommendation from the SSWR New Initiatives Task Force (Barth, 2005), PTFP's mission is to