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Though it is possible that the polar vortex winds were stronger because there were fewer SSWs, it is also conceivable that SSW definitions based on zonal wind diagnostics, particularly at a single latitude like 60[degrees]N, might have been less likely to meet the threshold value of 0 m [s.sup.-1] during an extended period of stronger-than-normal westerly flow (particularly because other SSW definitions detect major events during this decade; Fig.
The phenomenon that leads to particularly wintry weather is called Sudden Stratospheric Warming (SSW), which means a sudden jump of temperatures in the stratosphere that could affect what we feel down on the ground.
We investigated selected energy utilization and perceptual parameters during normal and mechanically altered walking in non-fasted subjects in order to provide ecologically valid conditions and a better understanding of the determination of SSWS in simulated "everyday" walking in healthy individuals.
Meanwhile, in the SSWS, Almuammari won the season's title but only after Abdulla Buhindi raced to the chequered flag in a thrilling final race.
The karters' masterful skills were on display in both categories of competition, with the BRMMC being held for Rotax kart owners and the SSWS for arrive-and-drive competitors.
In the SSWS, which is an arrive-and-drive championship with competitors racing in identical Sodikarts, Almuammari registered another winning performance after completing their 15-lap race in 18:07.602.
The current classification and detection of SSWs are largely based on a definition developed by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) in the decades after their discovery in 1952.
The SSWS, meanwhile, will be holding its fourth round of the season.
The season features nine rounds of top-class actin in the BRMMC, which is for Rotax kart owners, and the SSWS, which is for arrive-and-drive competitors.
In the SSWS, which is an arrive-and-drive championship that sees karters compete in identical Sodikarts, Almuammari took the win in 19:34.391.