SSWVSamuel Scheidt Werke Verzeichnis (German: Samuel Scheidt Works Directory)
SSWVSelf-Selected Walking Velocity
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Individuals with traumatic unilateral TTA and nondisabled controls did not differ in terms of age (p = 0.30), height (p = 0.74), mass (p = 0.11), leg length (p = 0.78), or SSWV (p = 0.63).
Individuals with TTA also chose to walk at a SSWV that was equivalent to nondisabled.
In volume 2, this includes an extra sentence concerning the "Toccata super In te Domine speravi" (SSWV 138) that stands at odds with Willi Apel's comments in his History of Keyboard Music to 1700 (Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 1972).