SSYScottish Socialist Youth
SSYSimpson Spence Young (Hong Kong shipbrokers)
SSYSiddha Samadhi Yoga
SSYSmall-Scale Yielding (metallurgy)
SSYSurat Shabd Yoga (spiritual practice)
SSYSix Sigma Yellow (certification level)
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Qu Jiguang, Chairman and CEO of SSY Group Limited said, 'We are full of confidence on the future development of the Company.
Although the Paris-like behavior which corresponds to the moderate [DELTA]K levels in Regime II can be predicted by using the aforementioned CCZMs [11, 22-27], this is not the advantage of CCZMs, since the Paris regime associated with SSY has already been described successfully according to the K-based models.
INTEREST RATE: Interest rates associated with SSY will be reset every quarter, similar to other small savings scheme.
SSY = SSR + SSE = [n.summation over (i=1)] [([Y.sub.i]-[bar.Y]).sup.2]--total sum of squares
The Ocoa Bay executive team say they're optimistic about the overall success of this venture "It's the new, Napa Valley of the Caribbean," they ssy. "The new Bordeaux or Rioja.
BLACK Friday it may have been, but I'm standing in line for a GREY Saturday in t o d ay 's He n n e ssy Gold Cup at Newbury where Alan King's SMAD PLACE (3.00) looks gift-wrapped.
FEurope's largest regional carrier will SSy from the Midland airport to Berlin Tegel as part of its 2014-2015 winter schedule.
(2.) Cheng VCC, Chan JFW, Ngan AHY, To KKW, Leung SY, Tsoi HW, Yam WC, Tai WM, Wong SSY, Tse H, Li IWS, Lau SKP, Woo PCY, Leung AYH, Lie AKW, Liang RHS, Que TL, and Yuen KY.
* SSY. : Je n'ai pas de chiffres trop precis, mais selon certains rapports, les depenses relatives a la drogue ont franchi les 27 milliards de livres egyptiennes ces deux dernieres annees, et les revenus des drogues ont depasse ceux du Canal de Suez (5, 22 milliards de dollars en 2011, selon la MENA, NDLR)!
A proper diet and meditation is what Rajesh, in-charge of Sidhha Samadhi Yoga (SSY), recommends for effective anger management.