SSZSulfasalazine (medication)
SSZSupra-Subduction Zone (geology)
SSZSpecialisatievereniging Sociaal Zekerheidsrecht (Dutch: Social Security Law Specialization Association)
SSZSpecified Strike Zone
SSZSicherheits Système Zimmermann (German: Zimmerman Security System)
SSZSurface Security Zone
SSZSchool Safety Zone
SSZSeven Starz (gaming team)
SSZSolar Soyuz Zaibatsu (bulletin board system)
SSZSantos, Sao Paulo, Brazil (Airport Code)
SSZSystem Sector Size (computing)
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The startup's business model is divided into two parts, deep discount though SSZ and regular buying for convenience.
The startup's USP is SSZ which offers anytime deep savings to customers selecting to buy our pre-designed bundles or bulk, or BYOB with a minimum purchase of Dh100 to get upto 15% savings anytime."
SSZ technology creates and controls the acoustic fields of the car, allowing the driver and each passenger to hear isolated sounds.
When travelling in a vehicle equipped with next-generation SSZ technology, each passenger can connect their smartphone via Bluetooth and listen to their own music without interference from, or interfering with other passenger's audio streams.
Our previous study [ 16] on the curing and mechanical properties, and anlibaclerial properties of silicone rubber filled with a wider range of anlibaclerial agents including nano-silver colloids, silver subtitled zeolite (SSZ), and 2-hydoxypropyl-3-piperazinyl-quinoline carboxylic acid melhacrylate (HPQM) indicaled thai HPQM was most recommended for enhanced antibacterial performance wilh worsened mechanical pn*perlies.
USA) and silver substitute zeolite (SSZ) (Yamamolo Trading.
Seven studies have documented the effectiveness of combinations of MTX with SSZ, hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), and prednisolone.
The first demonstration of the efficacy of "triple therapy" of MTX, SSZ, and HCQ was reported by O'Dell and coworkers in 1996.
Helfrich and her colleagues surveyed 21 patients with moderate to severe psoriasis who received MTX and SSZ. The patients were asked to rate the efficacy of the drug therapies on a 1-10 scale, with 1 representing "not effective" and 10 representing "highly effective." Among other questions regarding their lifestyles, the patients were asked to estimate their weekly coffee consumption.