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ST14Suppression of Tumorigenicity 14
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The center of CC2 was ST2, and almost all strains in Japan belonged to ST7 and ST14. ST22 did not belong to either CC1 or CC2, but 5 of 8 of its alleles were identical to those of CC1.
For the G2, dealing with Poverty and Equity Policies, studies that have reanalyzed Brazilian regions were one study involving all 27 Brazilian capitals (ST29); six works covering the whole country (ST84, ST12, ST13, ST17, ST24, ST25, ST27); one on Rio Grande do Sul (ST16); two on Rio Grande do Norte, one of them being, specifically, in rural settlements (ST10); one in the State of Ceara (ST18); one in Sao Paulo capital (ST26); one study involving two municipalities of Rio de Janeiro (ST14).
Sin embargo, los resultados del MLST indican que todos los aislados que forman parte del grupo 1 y 2 tienen la ST273, mientras que los aislados que forman parte del grupo 3 y 4, tienen la ST14 y ST147, respectivamente.
(80) Upregulated genes included ST14, a gene encoding matriptase, which is a membrane serine protease degrading the extracellular matrix, overexpressed in epithelial MPM.
Glennans Ltd Richard Thompson Dovefields Uttoxeter Staffordshire, ST14 8HU 01889 567338 Family owned business hand-frying crisps since 1986 in Uttoxeter, Staffordshire.
The Annual General Meeting of the Institution will be held at 12.00 on Saturday 16 July 2011 at JCB Headquarters, Rocester ST14 5JP.
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The LSUHSC researchers are the first to show that miR-27b, a novel microRNA, not only inactivates the ST14 gene which they found suppresses the growth of breast tumour cells, but also that miR-27b stimulates the breast cancer to invade other cells.
Polymorphism distribution of int13, int22 and St14 VNTRs in a Mexican population and their application in carrier diagnosis of hemophilia A.
Isolates belonged to sequence types (STs) ST889 (n = 1), ST297 (n = 1), ST14 (n = 2), and ST1 (n = 22) (online Technical Appendix 1).
is proud to announce that the Arizona Highway Patrol has chosen to improve the safety, comfort and maneuverability of its Kawasaki police motorcycles with HeliBars' new Horizon ST14 Multi-Adjustable Handlebars.