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ST3Seal Team 3 (gmaing clan)
ST3Stromelysin-3 (genetics)
ST3Stratum-3 Clock
ST3Suppression of Tumorigenicity 3 (oncology)
ST3Sonar Technician Third Class (Naval Rating)
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When we compared the relationship between year of strain isolation and ST (Table 2), ST3 accounted for most macrolide-susceptible M.
In a letter to junior doctors, the RCP said: "We are deeply sorry that it has been necessary to rerun the ST3 offer process due to a mistake in this round of processing.
Sternal setae st1, st2, st3, st4 and pre-anal setae Jv1-Jv3 pilose, st4 smooth and needle-like, setae st1-st3 equal in length and clearly longer than other setae on holoventral shield.
Responses from trainees across all career grades from ST3 (1st year of specialist training) to 2 years post Certificate of Completion of Training were received.
A number of spectators graphically described a five-car smash on Thursday night, which involved a BMW M3, Fiesta ST3, Focus ST, BMW M5 and Audi RS3.
A spokesman for West Midlands Police con-firmed officers were called to the scene following reports of illegal racing and witnessed a collision between a Fiesta ST3 Turbo and white BMW M3 500.
Nomenclature NaCl chloride of sodium [phi] the electrochemical potential of metal, mV t the period of experiment, s St3 structural carbon steel 09G2 structural alloy steel 20Cr13 rust-resisting steel 10CrSND structural low-alloyed steel 12Cr18N10T structural cryogenic steel DOI: 10.2507/26th.daaam.proceedings.087
Six pairs of sternal setae present, all smooth and needle-like, St1, St2, St3 and St6 very short (ca 6-8 [micro]m), St4 longer (ca 15 [micro]m), St5 very long (ca 45-50 [micro]m).
Klinik hipotiroidinin laboratuvar belirtecleri artmis tiroid stimulan hormon (TSH) seviyesine eslik eden azalmis serbest triiyodotirozin (ST3) ve serbest tiroksin (ST4) seviyesidir.
The new ST comes in three trim levels: ST, ST2 and ST3 and the ST five-door comes in at pounds 21,999 and Estate version at pounds 23,095.