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ST4Suppression of Tumorigenicity 4
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sakazakii ST4 strains were also found in feces (specimen 1567), opened PIF (specimen 1571), and tracheal samples (specimen 1576) (Figure, Appendix, wwwnc.
Predominance of Cronobacter sakazakii ST4 in neonatal infections.
Single locus variant of ST4 Single locus variant of ST4 Triple locus variant of ST4 Bottled water associated with 2193-03 case Formula associated with 2011-18-01 and 2011-18-07 Diarrheal symptoms Ongoing diarrhea; same patient as 2011-18-01 C.
5 MLA 1000 Optical 13 13 MLA 1600 Optical 13 13 Diagnostica Stago ST4 Electromagnetic 65 65 Diagnostica Stago STA Electromagnetic 65 39 ACL 1000 Light scatter 65 39 Fibrometer Mechanical 65 65
Even when examining them closely, one gets the impression that these are speakers, particularly the ST4 floor-standing units, that look more expensive than their list prices dictate.
The ST4 is 38 x 8 x 12 inches (h/w/d) and weighs 47.
The SB3 is essentially the tweeter/midrange section of the ST4 (with the tweeter also mounted below the woofer), but with the sealed enclosure volume seen by the 6.
According to NHT, the SB1 is a replacement for the Super Zero (although the SB1's woofer/ midrange is an inch larger in diameter), the SB2 replaces the Super One, and the ST4 kind of replaces the Super Two, reviewed by David Moran in Issue 74.
The SC1 is a horizontal MTM job, with the same tweeter as the SB1, SB3, and ST4 systems, but with two 4.
By themselves, the ST4 minitowers had one of the flattest treble curves I have yet measured.
The midrange curve was different from but still in the same accuracy league as the $900 per pair AR 310HO systems I reviewed in Issue 68, although the ST4 had a considerably more extended treble output than that AR system.