ST8Space Technology 8
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Across both host species, 1 PI-2a allele was identified in ST1, ST8, and ST196, respectively.
Se encontro ST3 en 43,9% de las muestras analizadas, seguido de ST1 (30,76%), ST4 (13,18%), ST2 (5,49%), y en menor proporcion los ST6, ST7 y ST8 con 3, 1 y 2 aislamientos respectivamente, que representan al 6,59% restante (8).
La mayoria de los aislamientos portaban subtipos SCCmec diferentes al IVa, una variante de ST8 (ST923) (23).
ST1, ST8 or ST80) that is continent-specific (Otsuka et al, 2006).
5 Desperation 0 0 0 0 Total 16 10 28 30 Categories Sub-categories ST7 ST8 ST9 ST10 1.
Like hundreds of thousands of drivers in the GLDN ST8, the Granada Hills couple gives anonymous motorists on the road a hint into the hearts and souls of who's inside the car ahead.
PUMPS (Hygienic Stainless Steel Centrifugal, Rotary and Peristatic) Chemvac Pumps Ltd, 2D-E Forge Way, Brown Lees Industrial Estate, Knypersley, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffs ST8 7TQ.
and the most background level contains either ST1 through ST4, ST1 through ST6, ST1 through ST8, or ST1 through ST16.
Estate Forge Way, Knypersley Staffs ST8 7DN Tel: 01782 511880 Fax: 01538 755166 Email: thermocatsys@aol.
The sequence type of the four MLVA control strains are ST5, ST8, ST30, and ST45, which were confirmed by MLST as described elsewhere.
aureus (MRSA), and these belonged to ST8 and ST22 (Table 2).
A chief director at ST8 Wide Electrical, a reputed electrical contractor in Toowoomba, opened up, "We realize 90% of owners focus on cutting down on their power bills and addressing electrical needs.