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STABLESecuring the Take-Off of Building Energy Certification (Finland)
STABLEStaffing Tax Administration for Balance and Equity
STABLESediment Transport and Boundary Layer Equipment
STABLESuppression of Transient Accelerations by Levitation Evaluation (US NASA)
STABLEStatistical Application Building Environment
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Is it a fact that at the weights Bayard could give the other a hundred yards in five furlongs, and that the stable have put their money on him?
He sprang up and rushed across the stable to unloose the dog.
Yes, I hear, I hear, Cap'n," said old John very deliberately, following the young master into the stable.
Little Trot, a tiny spaniel, her inseparable companion in the stable, was comfortably curled up on her back.
There was accommodation for many horses and carriages; but I need only describe the stable into which I was taken; this was very roomy, with four good stalls; a large swinging window opened into the yard, which made it pleasant and airy.
Vronsky once more took in in one glance the exquisite lines of his favorite mare; who was quivering all over, and with an effort he tore himself from the sight of her, and went out of the stable.
When he had achieved this task, he applied himself to the acquisition of stable language, in which he soon became such an adept, that he would perch outside my window and drive imaginary horses with great skill, all day.
That's why I have come to ask you to sack the whole stable.
After that, the door of the stable was closed and he was left alone.
I'll give him a hundred and twenty-five a month to take hold the stables.
Aye, but there's more going on in the stables than what folks see by daylight, eh, Mr.