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STACKSequence Tag Alignment and Consensus Knowledgebase (South African National Bioinformatics Institute; University of Western Cape; Bellville, South Africa)
STACKSooner Trend, Anadarko, Canadian and Kingfisher (energy exploration region)
STACKSport Team and Competitive Kiting (various locations)
STACKStart Acknowledgement
STACKStudents Teach Adults Computer Knowledge (New York)
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This year the peasants were doing all the mowing for a third of the hay crop, and the village elder had come now to announce that the hay had been cut, and that, fearing rain, they had invited the counting-house clerk over, had divided the crop in his presence, and had raked together eleven stacks as the owner's share.
Close under the eaves of the stack, and as yet barely visible, was the red tyrant that the women had come to serve--a timber-framed construction, with straps and wheels appertaining--the threshing-machine which, whilst it was going, kept up a despotic demand upon the endurance of their muscles and nerves.
The work sped on till breakfast time, when the thresher was stopped for half an hour; and on starting again after the meal the whole supplementary strength of the farm was thrown into the labour of constructing the straw-rick, which began to grow beside the stack of corn.
It occurred to the good-natured Marian that, as Tess was so tired, her discovery of her visitor's presence might have the bad effect of taking away her appetite; and Marian was thinking of inducing Tess to descend by a ladder on the further side of the stack when the gentleman came forward and looked up.
On all sides there were waste spaces with only stoves and chimney stacks still standing, and here and there the blackened walls of some brick houses.
At the STACK JVs option and upon the drilling and completion of two standard-lateral (4,500) horizontal wells targeting the Osage formation, the STACK JV will earn a 50% interest in approximately 6,000 net leasehold acres.
When people watch me, they get more influenced to speed stack themselves--and I love that.
Toyo specified a cooler/ stacker to process both soft and hard compounds, and with the flexibility to stack endless sheet, cut sheets or strips.
Hatori says fuel cell stack life needs to meet the 100,000-mile range expected from standard internal combustion engines and doesn't dispute the fact that no company, including Toyota, has been able to achieve this goal.
According to Tom Betts, Midwest regional sales manager, the new center rotating stack is a further development of the company's IMPmore (In-Mold Pressing) injection-compression process for stress-free glazing.
Add four pennies to the top of the stack so that they cover the taped part of the rubber band.