STAFFEXStaff Exercise
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The STAFFEX increases the stress level and requires students to use critical thinking and problem-solving skills to accomplish more tasks than time allows.
The brigade planner used this time to develop the battalion STAFFEX with current and relevant theater-specific data.
In conjunction with the STAFFEX planning and OC training, the brigade established and trained its white cell to run the convoy live-fire exercise.
The C-IED working group output would lead to the development of the patrol schedule that drove the link for the training on the ground and the continuation of the STAFFEX into Phase III.
co-exercise director of Balikatan 2007, said Staffex will be conducted at the main military camp in the capital from Feb.
Staffex aims at developing a plan of action to combat particular threats from maritime situations, Tom said.
Using the same operational environment and products used and developed in the August STAFFEX, the brigade conducted a CPX in October 2014.
The brigade began receiving critical operational information a week before the exercise began so that the staff could continue with the MDMP initiated at the STAFFEX and prepare to execute the core reception, staging, and onward movement tasks during the CPX.
AG WOBC and BOLC students use the eMILPO simulator extensively during the AG School STAFFEX to focus on unit personnel readiness and HR operational planning conducted during the predeployment phase of the ARFORGEN cycle.
During a recent after-action review, one student compared the STAFFEX to an "eMILPO qualification range." Overall response from students and instructors alike is positive; students appreciate the challenging training, and instructors know they are providing the students and the Army with a quality product.